sell your sex tape now pays $2000 per couple!

We are accepting any young attractive couples willing to document their lovelife on camera for one week.
You and your partner must both be over 18 years old, and be able to provide government-issued photo ID.


Step 1.

Email and provide some recent photos for preliminary approval.
Please do not begin production or send any submissions until you have been approved to proceed.

Step 2.

Print out two copies of the model consent and copyright agreement. click here to get the contract

Step 3.

Record both yourself and your partner signing the contracts and holding up your government-issued photo ID.

Step 4.

Use a digital camera or photocopier to create a clear copy of both of your IDs showing your date of birth.

Step 5.

Make your movie.

  • Shoot for one hour everyday for one week. To earn $1000 each we require lots of entertaining content.
  • Guys should hold the camera most of the time. Give us the POV experience of dating your girlfriend.
  • Document your daily life too. Waking up, showering, getting dressed, talking to eachother, everything.
  • Sex scenes should be natural and loving and happy, no violence, but don't forget the money shots!
  • Do not include anything illegal or "obscene". So basically this means No Pee, No Poop, No Blood.
  • Do not include anyone we don't have a signed release for. No minors, obviously. Avoid public crowds.
  • No background music, or TV. We do not have the artists permission to reproduce commercial music.

Step 6.

Submit your movie.

We will not consider any footage without age and consent verification as instructed above in Steps 1, 2, 3.
Mail your raw unedited tapes, or raw footage in uncompressed .AVI digital format, to the following address:

Daring Press, LLC
1863 Pioneer Parkway E
BOX #116
Springfield, OR 97477

If your submission is accepted, payment will be mailed within 10 business days of receiving the submission.
Payment will be made in two checks for $1000 each to the exact names and adresses listed on the contracts.

At our discretion, we may refuse and not publish any submissions if they do not meet our quality requirements.
If your submission is not accepted, your footage and all personal information you provided will be destroyed.

Frequently Asked Questions

"What sort of people are you looking for?"

From preppy to punk. You do not need to look like a barbie doll to be accepted here. We like diversity.
All hair colors and all skin colors are welcome. Typical girl-next-door, or covered in tattoos and piercings.
We do not judge based on how big your boobs or dick are.

We now require submitting some photos for preliminary approval first, before you begin production.
Note that acceptance of your submission will still be subject to all the other guidelines listed above.

"Do you accept lesbian couples?"

Yes please.

"Can we use aliases?"

Yes, you may use aliases. Just make them real sounding; no stripper names like "Mercedes" or "Diamond" etc.
It is up to you to stick to those aliases while filming. We will not cut out scenes just because someone accidentally
uses the wrong/real name.

"Can we wear masks?"

No. If the guy doesn't want to show his face, simply shoot the whole thing POV (point of view), "through his eyes",
with him as cameraman. However the girl must be featured including her face.

"Can my friend film us having sex?"

No. The theme of this site is to give an intimate view into your relationship, from the boyfriends point of view.

"Can I pay a girl to have sex with me and then you send me the whole $2000?"

No. This isn't that sort of website. The internet is full of prostitutes fucking in cheap motel rooms. It's boring.

"How do we know we'll get paid?"

Your model consent and copyright contract would not be binding if you were not compensated per the agreed terms.
We have a strong legal incentive to send you your checks, copies of which will be kept permanently for our records.
Besides protecting our reputation online, frankly, it is far cheaper to pay you than it would be to pay our lawyer.

"Can we do this every week?"

No, this project is a one-time deal. But if we really like your content we may be able to offer other opportunities.

"Do you accept tapes from overseas?"

We accept english-speaking submissions from any country. Payment will still be made in the form of two US business checks for $1000 USD each. Your bank will convert your checks for you at whatever the current exchange rate is.

"What camera should I use?" "What formats do you accept?"

Any modern camcorder should be sufficient..We prefer to receive MiniDV tapes, or Hi8/Digital8 tapes.
We can also accept files on DVD in .AVI format. After burning, please remember to finalize the discs.

"What happens if our submission is not accepted?"

First, if you are a young healthy-looking couple and you follow the guidelines above, you should be accepted.
If your submission does not meet those guidelines, if the lighting is too dark, or footage just not entertaining,
then we will email you to inform you. We may suggest how you might add to or improve upon the submission
in order to bring it up to acceptable quality. If this cannot be done, the footage will not be used and everything
you submitted, including personal information, will be completely deleted and/or destroyed.

Questions? Email Us